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Re: zmailer-2.99.20 v Solaris 2.4

> Adding
> to the end of hostenv/SunOS5.4 seems to have done the trick.  Can someone
> tell me if this was the right thing to do?  I have know for a long time
> that there is a big difference between something compiling cleanly and
> running.  :-)

	Right, sorry about forgetting that config entry.
	I did some reorganize on the logics of the  libc/whathost.c,
	and of course forgot to update all hostenv/* -files
	to match...

	I hope to be able to do Solaris compilation this week before
	releasing all my lattest changes (the "scheduler-new" has
	turned out to be rather difficult case -- freeing freed memory
	in expire :-(  )

> Thanks,
> Dan

	/Matti Aarnio