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Re: Problems compiling zmailer under SunOS 4.1.1

> [ On Mon, October  2, 1995 at 16:06:49 (-0700), Tom Samplonius wrote: ]
> >   Probably it's coming from your /usr/include/ndbm.h
> Yup.
> *BUT* that wouldn't be SunOS-4.1.1's ndbm.h.  It would have to be the
> 4.4bsd db(3) emulation of nbdm.h.

	Aw..  I see - that must be it..

> >   Basically, Zmailer needs to use the dbm_pagfno() call, but it isn't 
> > available in several NDBM implementations.
> Also, zmailer should be fixed *not* to use the private internal function
> dbm_pagfno() call so that it will be portable to 4.4bsd.

	There I ask your suggestions, as the use it has is to be able to
	detect, when the NDBM file has changed, and act sensibly
	(Every lookup is preceded with a fstat() query, and comparison
	 of file vitals - st_mtime, and st_nlink)

	By looking at the source I see a way to do it without  fstat(),
	so that access to open file descriptor is not really necessary.
	(At least I THINK I see a way.)

	Still... I think the fstat() is faster, than lstat(), which has
	to resolve directory lookup at first, and if the modp_ndbm()
	is in use, every access to the database is preceded with it :-(

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