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Re: zmailer-2.99.17-nscheduler2.tar.gz

> I have picked up the 17+ code from ftp.funet.fi for implementation on 
> Ultrix 4.3/4.4 and find the following:
> 1.  When compiling the router code and linking, the libmalloc.a library is
>     not defined - commented out with LIBMALLOCDEB defined.  I just fixed
>     the proper variable LIBMALLOC to be defined.  The symptom was:
>     strdup not found  (Was cleared up by above)

	Oops, error in makefile -- my "temporary test" was not quite as
	temporary as it should have been  (I use DEC's ATOM-tools to
	do intensive memory access verification, but it doesn't tolerate
	user's own malloc libraries..)

>     strsignam not found (Was cleared up by below definition for ULTRIX)

	Naeh, it is a typo, which I also detected when compiling on
	a SunOS4.1.3 machine.

> #if     defined(WNOHANG) && !defined(WLOBYTE)
>         if (status.w_termsig) {
> #if     defined(ULTRIX)
>                 fprintf(stderr, "%s", strsignal(status.w_termsig));
> #else
>                 fprintf(stderr, "%s", strsignam(status.w_termsig));
> #endif
>                 if (status.w_coredump)
>                         fprintf(stderr, CORE_DUMPED);
>                 fprintf(stderr, "\n");
>                 retcode = 0200 + status.w_termsig;
>         } else
>                 retcode = status.w_retcode;
> #else   /* !WNOHANG */
> ==================== I am not sure if that was right thing to do but
>                      it seems to work.  (:-))))

	Sure :-)

> 2.  Under ULTRIX the code in transport.c referred to in ../include/malloc.h
>     void *calloc()    /* Line 61 */
>     void *malloc()    /* Line 62 */
>     void *realloc()   /* Line 63 */
>     was flagged by the compiler as a duplicated definition in 
>     /usr/include/stdlib.h so I just commented them out and used the
>     system definition.  The module compiled without error.

	Umm.. On Ultrix the "univptr_t" is "char *" ?
	I am not sure how to make that part of the configuration
	universally portable.

> 3.  In smtp.c a syntax error was flagged at line 923 due to a missing 
>     ; after line 922.

	Yeah, sorry about that.  (All my platforms use MMAP, thus
	I didn't encounter it myself..)

> 4.  In scheduler-new the INSTALL variable points to /usr/bin/installbsd so
>     I just changed it manually to /usr/bin/install

	Problems (omissions) in the main-level Makefile.
	Now it should be autoconfigured.

> Once these changes were in place I removed all of the old files in the 
> POSTOFFICE area, replaced scheduler.conf with the scheduler-new.conf
> and started the .17+ system.  When there is more than 1 router defined
> an error is placed in the router log to the effect of a "Capability error".
> When I run only a single router the system works.

	It is propably on how the process group handling is done,
	could you tell me more of what it outputs ?  It reports
	something about "process group 123 != pid 234" or some such..

	It MAY depend on BSDGETPGRP definition in the hostenv/Ultrix -file.
	Umm.. Which is not set on any system.  Try to replace the
	in the router.c with
	I will do such a change into release sources.

> Also when the scheduler-new part is installed it is installed in 
> /l/local/mail/bin.  I just copied it into the /usr/local/mail/bin area
> and kept on going.  The reason I mention these things is so we could 
> perhaps know why some of it is happening.

	Same reason as in 4.

> Thanks for the good work.
>  - Terry Combs                          Appalachian State University
>    combstm@appstate.edu (Internet)      Boone, NC  28608
>    combstm@appstate     (Bitnet)        (704)262-6297  FAX= 262-2236

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>