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Re: Entries In localnames File?

> I'm looking at ZMailer 2.2e8, retrieved from the toronto.edu ftp site.
> First, is there a newer version available?  If so, where can I find it?

	Not very much newer -- well, in some ways, but all versions
	are not equally good - or not good on all platforms...


> Second, I think I have a problem with entries in the localnames file.
> I have a pretty simple requirement.  My Sun Sparc10, SunOS 4.1.3, is
> the mail exchange host for my DNS domain.  If the name of the machine
> is foo.east.xsis.xerox.com, what kind of entries should I have in my
> localnames file?  I have an entry for foo.east.xsis.xerox.com, but
> when I try to send mail to myself (hollenbe@east.xsis.xerox.com) it
> gets sent off to my punthost.

	You need to have there all variants of your hostname.
	Well, not exactly, but better think so.

	Then on  /etc/mail.conf  define what name you present out:
		# Where am I?
		# Who am I?
		# What do I tell people?

	The PUNTHOST is for cases where you want host-1 to process
	users A, B, and C, and if message is for user X, or anybody
	else, it is PUNTed to host-2.  At host-2 can be another punt-
	forwarding, however if there are many such puntings, it is
	better to have an alias-map on all machines to short-circuit

> Third, the reason I'm looking at ZMailer is because the version of
> sendmail supplied by Sun can't deliver a single message with more
> than approximately 40 recipients.  When I specify 250 recipients,
> for example, it delivers something like 6 or 7 messages to my gateway
> machine instead of just one.  Can I configure ZMailer to deliver
> only a single message?

	It should be.  All systems can't handle 250 recipients
	on single SMTP transaction for same message body, but
	that is another story...   I believe sendmail does its
	delivery list choping based on several parameters listed
	at RFC 1123 (host requirements; services) regarding SMTP.

> Thanks,
> Scott Hollenbeck

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>