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Re: transports directory

> By the way, I just noticed there is a zmailer2.2.e7.tar.Z at
> ftp.csri.toronto.edu:/pub/zmailer ... who snuck that in there? :-)

It's a fix to a bug in transports/maillock.c that I reported to 
Edwin Allum.  If you compiled 2.2e6 with MAILLOCK defined, mailbox
would do a maillock(maillockuser,2) but maillockuser would be undefined.
The result was that no mail locking was being done during delivery.

The patch is simple (quoting Edwin below):

	You can either set maillockuser to
	pw->pw_name or pass pw->pw_name as argument to maillock().
	The fix is available for ftp as zmailer2.2.e7.tar.Z

In the process, I also noticed that if I used the mboxmap mechanism,
with entries like this:

user   hostname.subdomain.domain:/var/mail/user:user

that mailbox will treat it as mail to a file (/var/mail/user) instead of
mail to user, which caused no mail locking to occur because a different
delivery mechanism would be used.  I got around that problem using user 
instead of /var/mail/user in mboxmap:

user   hostname.subdomain.domain:user:user

but when the time comes for us to deliver mail to home directories located
in different filesystems (e.g. /home/1/usera /home/2/userb, etc.) we'll have
to address that issue.

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                                            Information Technology Services
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