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Re: transports directory

On Thu, 6 Jul 1995 Nicholas_Briggs.PARC@xerox.com wrote:

> I'd use python over tcl, but what do I know.

  More than you let on, it appears.

  Unfortunately, python isn't in my vocabularly.  Where can I find it?  
Is documentation around for it?  Is it supported, by who?  Is it stable?

  I'd perfer something with pre-parsing.  I know that perl does this, but 
as far as I can tell, tcl does not.  However, I don't believe my 
reference is up-to-date as far as new features.

  I think it would be a big win, if we switched.  If all mail handling 
policy is handled in (insert favourite embedable scripting language 
here), and it is well documentated, and know to be stable.  Right now, I 
don't think enough of the mail handled by *cf files.  For example, I deal 
with a lot of Eudora clients, to make that work, I need to turn off the 
"breakin" option to accept external mail as locally generated.  I'd 
prefer not to have to do this globally.  Right now, Sendmail doesn't 
care, which is a security problem.  It should be nearly impossible to forge 
e-mail to a user on the same system.