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smtp problem...

  smtp exits with a signal 11 if a remote server responds with an error 
after the "."

  The server in question is x400gate.bnr.ca.  Here's what happens:

18230r	220 bcars568 PP Here - Pleased to meet you (Complaints/bugs to:  postmaster@bnr.ca)
18230w	EHLO haven.uniserve.com
18230r	500 Unknown or unimplemented command
18230w	HELO haven.uniserve.com
18230r	250 bcars568: Looks good to me
18230#	30733: <95Jun12.202811+0100_pdt.30733+2352@haven.uniserve.com>
18230w	MAIL From:<lettner@haven.uniserve.com>
18230r	250 OK
18230w	RCPT To:<reji@bnr.ca>
18230r	250 Recipient OK.
18230w	DATA
18230r	354 Enter Mail, end by a line with only '.'
18230w	.
18230r	451 Data termination problems.

  At this point, smtp dumps core in end().