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Re: Stripped addresses and IMAP clients

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, John Gardiner Myers wrote:

> >     Given that zmailer is delivering mail in this rather distributed
> > environment, my feeling is that what it should be doing (and what any
> > MTA should be doing), given the increased use of remote protocols such
> > as IMAP to read mail, is not reducing e-mail addresses to the bare
> > minimum, with the resulting ambiguity, but rather, the MTA should
> > instead always be completing incomplete e-mail addresses.  Comments?
> I agree with you completely.  Zmailer should not be gratuitously
> rewriting a perfectly valid, RFC 822 conforming, address into
> something which is not even syntactically valid.

  I think the problem rests with the fact that the IMAP server pipes the 
mail into sendmail.  On Zmailer systems, sendmail is just a stub 
program.  I believe that it assumes that all mail submitted is local.  

  The best fix is to hack the IMAP server to submit mail directly into