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Re: Stripped addresses and IMAP clients

Pivo A Zmrzlina <bbouwsma@capaccess.org> writes:
>     Zmailer rewrites the fully-qualified sender's name, if delivery is
> done locally, with only the login.


>     Given that zmailer is delivering mail in this rather distributed
> environment, my feeling is that what it should be doing (and what any
> MTA should be doing), given the increased use of remote protocols such
> as IMAP to read mail, is not reducing e-mail addresses to the bare
> minimum, with the resulting ambiguity, but rather, the MTA should
> instead always be completing incomplete e-mail addresses.  Comments?

I agree with you completely.  Zmailer should not be gratuitously
rewriting a perfectly valid, RFC 822 conforming, address into
something which is not even syntactically valid.

The IMAP servers then try to turn this garbage back into something
that is syntactically valid, but as you seem to have found out it is
sometimes Garbage In Garbage Out.

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