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zmailer 2.99 941225 dump accessible...

Hello folks,

	In between eating sliced Turkey, and watching
	TV (Disney apparenly has a monopoly on Xmas..)
	I have also done some little coding...


	That is, for the first time, there is also open copy of
	the source tree for those who want to see just small parts
	of it.

	The major piece is transporter-process locking, which
	actually comes to play when a new scheduler is started.
	It refuses to start processing, if for the given file
	there already is a transporter process with active lock.
	All such files are put aside for a few minutes (5, I think)
	and while the condition lasts, they are relooked after
	the delay, and once the file has no active locks left,
	it is taken into processing.   No more double-deliveries (?)

	There is also resource limiting stuff on the scheduler
	for Linux, and SunOSes -- and _POSIX_SOURCE..
	There is also load-average stuff for the Suns, and __linux__
	(on the smtpserver).

	ZMSH has new "sift"-commands,  ssift (new, stringwise)
	and  tsift (with alias "sift", old, token-wise)

	... and it should compile pretty easily for BSD systems as well..
	Toronto kit had some tools for AIX3.2 -- Hostenv-file at least.

	Folks: "make install-bin" installs ONLY the binaries,
	no CF/CONF-files at all.   (It has done so for ages, but
	better to say it once in a while if you want to try these
	new versions with your old configs..)

	... except that old canned error messages need a re-write
	but it is easy by following the examples...

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>