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Re: [root: Cleaning of Mail Queue]

It bothers me Andy because 90 
% of the messages are generated by the 'EMPLOY' mail-list which
is a huge growing entity.  It can generate 80MB of mail overnite
and since these files are quite large and space is limited on
my box I do not like having them around.  

Also I am the sender (listowner) of most I know prior to expiration
date so I was just looking for a shortcut.  Systems in the .mil
domain are notorious for bad connectivity so three days is my
absolute max since it gives the systems folks time to come in
Monday and make some effort to get it back on line.  My question
was what to do about systems that are down for weeks and no
headway is made for getting them back on line.

The small lists (about 60) do not bother me but the three global
ones do.  I let all others expire and the warning returned to
sender but I can not afford that luxury with EMPLOY.  Just checked.
It has been running since around 4 P.M.  yesterday and cranked
out over 92MB and this is an Intel 320 (280MB) running unix.
I have to kinda keep it fine tuned :-)....