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Re: [root: Cleaning of Mail Queue]

Sorry, that I hadn't time when you asked this from me via personal
letter -- and a bit latter it was buried a bit so I forgot..

> Is there an easy way (without screwing everything up) to go
> into /usr/adm and remove systems that are unreachable such as 
> heidelberg-emh1.army.mil [constant major offender].

	So far no.

	A manual way is to shut down the scheduler, and then edit
	(with vi or similarly behaving editor) ALL the files in set:
	and on lines (like)
		r       smtp heidelberg...
		r~      smtp heidelberg...
	add a "+" on the second column:
		r+      smtp heidelberg...

	Then restart the scheduler, and it will consider all such
	addresses processed successfully.

	You are propably using a version which does not have space for
	PID-lock for each transporter, but   zmailer-2.99   will change

> I know that if I remove the mail then it is gone for others as well.  I
> thought of this procedure.  Just moving to the appropriate directories
> and removing all occurrences of heidleberg-emh1.army.mil but have not
> be brave enough to try it yet :-).  Any ideas or what will happen if

	Sure, just stop the scheduler, WAIT for all the transporters
	to finish out ("ps -ax|grep mail" will usually show them all)

	Then edit (any editor) files in $POSTOFFICE/transport/
	and remove the offending "r " -lines.

	Clean up ("rm *~") and start the scheduler.

> I do use this method.  Thanks....
> --bob (root@heidelberg-emh17.army.mil)
> hold/ns:hq.pacom.mil./a:
> 	2216:	try again
> 	2935:	try again (retry in 35s, expires in 2d3h)
> 	2225:	try again

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>