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Re: NOBODY = -2 ???

> I have a question:
> I README.solaris it is suggested that in Solaris NOBODY should be set to -2 

	You are reading my old notes.
	Best value for it appears to be (on Solaris) 60001, which is
	what the system default "nobody" userid uses.

	The "-2" is old "nobody" from SunOS 4.x, which is imitated on
	quite many systems, but Solaris decided to be "different young"..
	(The  uid_t  changed from  'unsigned short' to 'long', and thus
	 signed values no longer act modulo 65536 ...)
> runas: setuid(-2): Invalid argument
> So is the value -2 best for Solaris or not?
> Or may be I am doing something wrong?

	Yes, too much trust on my notes...

> 	Jurek
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