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Status: 550 User unknown error messages..

 I just got the following from our mailer..

 It send mail to mbnet.mb.ca and got back a Status 550  user unknown error.

 zmailer on our side picked this up as being an unknown address for
 OUR domain and tacked on the 'delivery' error message along with
 the original contents.. This should not happen when the error is coming
 from a remote system.

 I have no idea if this is a problem on my part or within zmailer.. Any

 The following is the trace of logs on the gateway..

  Here is where the message comes in from our mailhost to the gateway

	*** /usr/adm/messages ***
	Dec  8 13:34:57 pandora router[9272]: <2EE77B7C@clavin017.aec.ca>: file: 46467-1 <DanLittle@aec.ca> => <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca> 

  Here is the SMTP log between the gateway and the remote Sendmail process

	*** /var/log/zmailer/smtp ***
	14998r  220 access.mbnet.mb.ca 5.67b/IDA-1.4.4 Sendmail is ready at Thu, 8 Dec 1994 14:34:15 -0600
	14998w  EHLO aecgate.aec.ca
	14998r  500 Command unrecognized
	14998w  HELO aecgate.aec.ca
	14998r  250 Hello aecgate.aec.ca, pleased to meet you
	14998#  46467-1: <2EE77B7C@clavin017.aec.ca>
	14998w  MAIL From:<DanLittle@aec.ca>
	14998r  250 <DanLittle@aec.ca>... Sender ok
	14998w  RCPT To:<ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>
	14998r  550 <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>... User unknown
		Remote sendmail says that this is an unknown addess
	14998w  RSET
	14998r  250 Reset state

  At this point, should the gatway tack on its own delivery error message? I
 am under the impression that it will only be used for unknown INTERNAL

	*** /usr/adm/messages ***
	Dec  8 13:35:20 pandora scheduler[9283]: 46467-1: <smtp mbnet.mb.ca ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca -2>: <<- RCPT To:<ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>^M->> 550 <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>... User unknown 
	Dec  8 13:35:20 pandora scheduler[9283]: 46467-1: done 

	*** /var/log/zmailer/scheduler ***
	->> 550 <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>... User unknownmbnet.mb.cafailed550 ( <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>... User unknown)/error 

  Mail is now sent back to the postoffice and the sender of the message stating
 that the address is an unknown INTERNAL address.

	*** /usr/adm/messages ***
	Dec  8 13:35:27 pandora router[9276]: <94Dec8.133527-0700_(mst).46500-4@aecgate.aec.ca>: file: 46500-4 mailer-daemon => The Post Office <postoffice>, <DanLittle@aec.ca> 

	This is the message that gets sent back to the postoffice AND
 to the sender of the message

>Content-Type: text/plain
>A copy of your message is being returned to you due to difficulties
>encountered while attempting to deliver your mail.
>Very often people attempt to send mail to USERIDs, which are not
>known to this particular system.  However, corporate-wide, that is
>within the aec.ca domain, we DO KNOW
>		FirstnameFamilyname@aec.ca
>		Firstname_Familyname@aec.ca
>		Firstname.Familyname@aec.ca
>for everybody.  Try that form of addresses.
>The following errors occurred during message delivery processing:
><smtp mbnet.mb.ca ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca -2>: ...\
>	<<- RCPT To:<ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>
>	->> 550 <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>... User unknown

>Content-Type: message/delivery-status

>Original-MTS-Type: INET
>Final-MTS-Type: INET
>Final-MTA: aecgate.aec.ca

>Rcpt: ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca
>Action: failed
>Status: 550 ( <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>... User unknown)

>Content-Type: message/rfc822

>Received: from sol.aec.ca ([]) by aecgate.aec.ca with ESMTP id <46467-1>; Thu, 8 Dec 1994 13:34:57 -0700
>Received: from clavin017.aec.ca ([]) by aec.ca with SMTP id <137384-4>; Thu, 8 Dec 1994 13:41:42 -0700
>Received: by clavin017.aec.ca with Microsoft Mail
>	id <2EE77B7C@clavin017.aec.ca>; Thu, 08 Dec 94 13:32:44 PST
>From:	"Little, Dan" <DLITTLE@msmail.aec.ca>
>To:	Chuck Cohen <ccohen@mbnet.mb.ca>
>Subject: Hey there!
>Date:		 Thu, 08 Dec 94 13:31:00 PST
>Message-ID: <2EE77B7C@clavin017.aec.ca>
>Encoding: 31 TEXT
>X-Mailer: Microsoft Mail V3.0