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Re: scheduler control file problem

On Wed, 7 Dec 1994, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> >  Just saw this in the scheduler log file:
> > Misformed diagnostic: smtpclient: Cannot open control file "local/165804" from "/export/sol1/spool/zmailer/scheduler" as uid 0! (m)
> > 
> >  same quetion as last time.. what caused it and can I fix it?
> 	Ah, I should fix it..  It is not fatal, apparently.
> 	(Just the old 'Cannot open control file ...' note..)
> 	transports/libta/ctlopen.c produces mis-formatted diagnostics,
> 	however the real reason is somewhere in the sceduler, as it
> 	submits for processing something which is no longer around,
> 	and available.
I see these messages when the zmailer hierarchy is NFS mounted (but
on a local disk, they don't appear). I have the feeling that it's 
simply a matter of timing...

(I run a shadow zmailer on another machine which NFS mounts my zmailer
development disk from the main zmailer host)

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