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Re: router saved messages

> In a message from Andy Poling:
> >
> >On Tue, 6 Dec 1994, Trevor Paquette wrote:
> >>  every once in awhile I get the following from the router log..
> >> squirrel: 137380 saved for inspection: external message claims local origi
> >> *** external message claims local origin!
> >> 
> >>  what causes this? and is it possible to fix it?
> >
> We saw this message running ZMAILER and using the system mailmethod of
> submitting Listproc mail messages to ZMAILER.  After we changed to using the
> sendmail method and identd we see a fake header message going out in our mail
That's funny, we use listproc and Zmailer without getting this message
?  The system mailmethod, which is faster and more reliable ...  So
I'm not really sure what is happening ...

The From and the Sender are the local machine ?  Which matches what
router thinks ...


> This is probably because there is no username on the UN*X machine running the
> mail processor - only aliases.  The mail is also from envelope user server an
> message from is <listname>.
> There is probably a good way to do this but I am content that this is working
> well for us...
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