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Re: router saved messages

>  every once in awhile I get the following from the router log..
> squirrel: 137380 saved for inspection: external message claims local origin!
> *** external message claims local origin!
>  what causes this? and is it possible to fix it?

	For example a letter that was sent to somewhere from
	your machine, and got forwarded back to it for some
	reason (like recipient having a  .forward ) -- or
	it originating by some remote-email-client, like POPmail,
	PINE, Euroda, .. because those often inject email via
	SMTP to the mailhost.

	$MAILSHARE/router.cf  -file has some options in it:

	# Configure error logging (squirrel)
	squirrel -breakin
	squirrel badheader

	This is what I run, and I don't get those "claims local origin"
	loggings anymore.

	Oh, do remember to clean up your  $POSTOFFICE/postman/
	directory regularly...  I run daily a find:

		find $POSTOFFICE/postman/. -mtime +7 -print | perl -e 'chop;unlink $_;'

	(or was it: perl -ne ... ? )

>  Trev

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>