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Re: LCG.COM's address rewrites..

I have been busy elsewere -- figuring how we can run one of the
most popular Internet FTP servers with the least-powerfull machine
still one more month...  (and many other things)

	I am glad you found a way to kludge that MSMAIL bogon

>  Next question.. headers leaving our site look like the following..
> >>>	From @pandora.aec.ca:tpaquett@msmail.aec.ca Wed Nov 30 10:20:07 1994
> (1)          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>  (1) How did this get in the from header?? mail coming from msmail.aec.ca goes
>      to mailhost.aec.ca, which forwards all 'world' mail to pandora.aec.ca for
>       delivery. I do not want pandora to add this information to the header.

	On  crossbar.cf there is a definition which I have changed to be
			# tmp="@$hostname:$tmp"  # <-- that creates RFC-822
						 #     source-routing, AVOID!
	to get rid of the generated source-route.

> >>>	Return-Path: <@pandora.aec.ca:tpaquett@msmail.aec.ca>
> (2)                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>  (2) This one is more compleated. Where is the Return-Path line set? I need two
>      things changed for this.

	I THINK it comes from the original letter.  Proof via
	$MAILSHARE/postman/ -directory by picking a copy of the original
	email.   Its content is re-written, but the header was there
	to begin with.

> 	  1) tpaquett 		-> TrevorPaquette   (changed via a table lookup)

	I haven't done it -- it should not be difficult, though.

> 	  2) msmail.aec.ca	-> aec.ca	    (changed via a table lookup)

	"Easy" by having local host to use "aec.ca" name, and
	adding "msmail.aec.ca" into  $MAILSHARE/db/localnames

	Alternate is a plan I have in mind where "localnames" becomes
	a mapping of for example:
		hidden.dept.site.top  -> dept.site.top
		hidden2.dep2.site.top -> dept2.site.top
	while still keeping the email local.

>        The resulting Return-Path should be TrevorPaquette@aec.ca
>        Actually the From line should read the same as well..
>      **NOTE: I can't get the fullnames database to work either.. When the mail comes
> 	     it only gets the unknown username trevorpaquette error. I do have
> 		"trevorpaquette       tpaquett" in the fullnames file.

	Ah the SNAFU..	  The FullNameMap database works for
	format entries.  See   rrouter.cf  for usage of   $(fullnamemap ...)
	It is used ONLY when there is a dot in the local-part address.

> >>>	To: "'tpaquett@ita.lgc.com'" <tpaquett@ita.lgc.com>
> (3)          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>  (3)  where did the extra quotes come from?

	No idea.  Why the address is there twice ?
	Is it in the original arrived spool-file ?

> >>>	Subject: test from msmail@aec.ca
> >>>	Date: 		 Wed, 30 Nov 94 09:51:00 PST
> (4)          ^^^^^^^^^
>  (4)  where did the extra tabs/spaces come from?

	Cosmetic bug on Zmailer 2.9X -- I will try to fix it.

> >>>	Message-Id: <2EDCBBDF@clavin017.aec.ca>
> >>>	Encoding: 4 TEXT
> >>>	X-Mailer: Microsoft Mail V3.0
> >>>	Status: R
>  I am keeping track of all the work I have done, so I will post my changes
> to this group so that others can benefit.
>  Trev