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ZMAILER (mea version on ULTRIX 4.3A

Today I brought down the MEA version of ZMAILER and tried to compile it
on ULTRIX.  There were several problems with the implementation like:

1) Had to use a -DUSE_SYSPROTOS compile flag and reorder the sysprotos.h file.

2) Had to make the MALLOC library manually.

3) Routine libc/getdtablesize.c does not compile without omitting code.

4) Cannot get SMTPSERVER.C to compile at all - looks like there is
   NFS coding which does not fit ULTRIX (att this moment).

If you have this version successfully working please let me know.
There is some good stuff in the MEA version...


 - Terry Combs                          Appalachian State University
   combstm@appstate.edu (Internet)      Boone, NC  28608
   combstm@appstate     (Bitnet)        (704)262-6297  FAX= 262-2236