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Re: firewall and zmailer forwarder problem

tpaquett@ita.lgc.com writes:

-> We have the following setup here and I need some help..
->  Internet <-> Firewall <-> mailhost.aec.ca
->               (pandora)    (sol)

I think it is not good to run mailhost behind firewall...

->  How can I tell zmailer to send to pandora first, as this is the machine that
-> must actually send the file to the internet.
->  I have SMARTHOST set to pandora.aec.ca in zmailer.conf, but that does not
-> to work..

I've tried to do this by setting MAILSERVER, but it failed. So I looked on
Siteconfig file and set SMARTHOST too...i get mail loops...
Now I use sendmail while our domain is not routed to world...

->  Is it also possible to setup pandora.aec.ca to act as a passthrough

I think This is the best idea (only for port 25 - mail)

If I'm not right, I'd like to learn something...

Matus Uhlar,
Computer Centre of Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia
E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk