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firewall and zmailer forwarder problem

We have the following setup here and I need some help..

 Internet <-> Firewall <-> mailhost.aec.ca
              (pandora)    (sol)

  sol (the mailhost) is running zmailer and can route all mail internally
without any problems.. (expect our msmail gateway had some initial problems..)

 However when someone sends mail to an outside host, I get the following:
SMTP: Connecting to host: ita.lgc.com
 getmxrr(ita.lgc.com) rc=0, mxh[0].host=lgc.lgc.com (host=ita.lgc.com)
500 (connect to lgc.lgc.com []: Network is unreachable)
smtp ita.lgc.com tpaquett@ita.lgc.com 803: deferred 500 (connect to lgc.lgc.com []: Network is unreachable)

 How can I tell zmailer to send to pandora first, as this is the machine that
must actually send the file to the internet.

 I have SMARTHOST set to pandora.aec.ca in zmailer.conf, but that does not seem to work..

 Any ideas?

 Is it also possible to setup pandora.aec.ca to act as a passthrough mailhost?

    Anymail being sent to it will connect to mailhost.aec.ca for mail in aec.ca,
      try MX records for all other mail, if the MX fails, send to a smarter site
      to handle the message.