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Re: mea's 2.91 is out..

> >> 	I'm ftp'ing to nic.funet.fi now, and the latest version I see is:
> >	Aargh..  I never remember that my "umask" is 027, and
> >	the archive won't show anything which doesn't have its
> >	global read-bit on...
> >
> >	That one is fixed.
> Still no go.

(not seeing it on FTP's listing..)

  Yeah.  It did appear the next day, didn't it ?  (You didn't notice ?)
That is due to the cache-system which is used by our FTP-server for
creating the directory listings.  If directory change-date is newer, than
is the cache-file change date, then the cache is regenerated, othervice
the (possibly errorneous) cache data is used on the listing...

A deep-detail hint on how to check directories on FTP.FUNET.FI:
	dir "-X"
is (visibly) the same as without the "-X", but this forces cache
regeneration before listing it.

  I am trying to figure out why the router still drops core, though now
it appears to take 30-50 hours of constant usage.
(Aside of 3 other projects I have, that is..)

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>