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mea's 2.91 is out..

.. and I just noticed that I threw away somebody's bug-report for 2.90,
though it looked familiar in deed -- nasty way familiar at that..
(SIGSEGV on some routine analyzing "router" inside sequencer(), I think.)
(Too late a moment at night, I must quit this night-owling..)

Anyway 2.91 is available:

I think that same problem lurks still in there, but now it isn't buried on
a large pile of other errors causing core-drops. -- now the core-drops are
infrequent, I have them once per day, instead of once every 3-5 emails..

I have made RADICAL modifications on  transports/errormail/errormail.c,
proto/forms/*  and  scheduler/msgerror.c  to accomodate IETF NOTARY-wg
error report format, but there is more work to be done..
(not alone on getting the specs finalized..)

See the sample forms for how they have been altered, and keep your eye on
them in the future too -- more changes are (propably) necessary..

I intend to be unreachable for next few days, but now the mailer works
at nic.funet.fi (I hope)..

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>