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Re: null from address

> I was under the impression that a from of <> is legal. I have zmailer 2.2.1.
> Any ideas on where this would get fixed? I am new to zmailer, so please 
> bear with me. Thanks.

	2.90mea :-)
But it appears I introduced a large bunch of other bugs, and I haven't yet
eradicted them all..  I will try to dump 2.91mea tonight, as of tomorrow
I will get away from my keyboard for a few days.

That <> illegality is a result of missing grammar entry on  rfc822.ssl
The "<>" is not legal in every situation, thus it needs  considerable
amount of rule duplication with SMALL changes -- and SSL isn't too easy
to learn to master..

> /mrg

	/Matti Aarnio