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Re: Dialup e-mail transfer

Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> writes:

>If you want to be able to do a real TURN where the session starts spewi=
>material queued for you to you in the session you have initiated, I wou=
>like to know:
>1) a way to authenticate that you are entitled to receive the queued
>   files ?

Hm, is there a misunderstanding? I think the basic idea is to just TRIGGER
the scheduler to retry a particular queue. It wouldn't harm if
_anyone_ would do a trigger for a complete different domain after all.
Even more, `TURN' wouldn't be needed at all. The initial HELO would already
be sufficient(*). Though perhaps a mapping between the hostname in the
HELO-protocol-message and the `to-be-triggered' domain's is needed...

The missing thing is more or less just a way to make the scheduler retry
particular queues..

PS. Can anyone comfirm the reception of this article? I've already sent
some into this newsgroup and I don't trust into our news/mail gateway because
everyone I asked didn't get the articles..


(*) and could be handled inside server.cf in server(), as the smtpserver
calls this functions on startup...