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Re: Dialup e-mail transfer

In dist.zmailer, article <94May6.215138eet_dst.91456-2@nic.funet.fi>,
  Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> writes:

>>>   TURN
>>>   502- Ok xxxxxxx, I will inform queue scheduler to trigger a transport
>>>   502- session towards you.  You can close this SMTP session, but don't
>>>   502- hang-up the TCP/IP connection!
>> Hmm. Is there a way to tell the scheduler to do this?
> Similar magic-file email could be used to trigger the TURN, or an UDP
> (sock_stream / pipe / ..) message could be used for it.
An UDP message would make more sense, I think -- it can be used remotely.

> If you want to be able to do a real TURN where the session starts spewing
> material queued for you to you in the session you have initiated, I would

I don't think I like to use TURN. There's the security hassle, and there's
the problem of trying to fit the thing into zmailer's structure...

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