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Re: Zmailer hostenv-fiel for AIX 3.2 ?

> Hi,
> I'm trying to compile Zmailer 2.2 (actually zmailer-2.2.1-mea-940322)
> on IBM RS/6000 under AIX 3.2, because it seems to be a MTA that would fit our
> needs quite well (after having problems with Smail as well as sendmail). 
> The problem is: I haven't been able to compile it under that operating
> system (at least AIX pretends to be an OS .. :|), mostly because there
> is no corresponding hostenv file included (I really hope that a correct one
> will suffice and I won't have to actually port the thing). 
> I'm a bit supprised at the small number of host description files, because at
> the first sight I don't find it trivial to write one. 

  I am afraid you need to do a full port, because AIX has quite peculiar
ideas about file access rights vs. uids/gids of programs.  Those relate
to the overall porting problems that people experience.
(Doing setreuid() doesn't necessarily affect file access rights...)

There is (at least was two-three years ago) a FAQ on porting BSD programs
on AIX.   It IS possible, although sometimes somewhat painfull...
I seem to recall also some AIX manual about this particular subject,
but what it was I don't remember.

Picking proper values for hostenv isn't the problem, picking proper
methodology on  setreuid() et.al. is, and I can't do it blind-folded
(without AIX 3.2 machine, and documentation), but perhaps I can arrange
somebody to try their hand on it.

> Is there anyone out there who has compiled Zmailer under AIX 3.2 and/or
> has an appropriate host description? I'll try around on my own, but I
> have enough things to do (as sysadmin and as a physics student...) so
> I hope you can save me some precious hours :)
> Thank you very much in advance,
> have a nice day,
>   Lutz Pressler
> --
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> Universit"at G"ottingen                     privat:
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