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Re: listname-owner vs owner-listname?

> Mail set to a zmailer mailist is reported to come from "listname-owner".
> Someone pointed out that according to the RFCs this is not correct.  I
> pointed out that it was as it is really in an RFC and was just a sendmail
> convention.

  I have a full set of RFCs online, and a  grep  thru them all (*.txt)
showed 3 cases where there exists "owner-" -prefix, and none of "-owner".
Those are:
	RFC 1013  X-window protocol :-)
	RFC 1211  Problems with the Maintance of Large Mailing Lists
	RFC 1429  Listserv Distribute Protocol

And even the  RFC 1211  does not really say 'thy shall do this  "owner-"'..
.. hmm.. Look at chapter 3.2, it does imply  sendmailism, and doesn't
even say how such setup is configured...

> So, which one of "listname-owner" and "owner-listname" is the correct
> form? Or are both acceptable?

  I am a finn, I might decide to do:
and it could be made to work as easily as "-owner" :)

And as the RFC 1211 (and our experiences) state, that isn't the problem.
The problem is more on fully unstandardized formats of error reports..

> Thanks,
> Dan Ehrlich
> --
> Dan Ehrlich - Systems Analyst - PSU Computer Science and Engineering

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>