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Re: Simple questions

> From yonge.csri.toronto.edu!relay.cs.toronto.edu!cs.toronto.edu!zmailer-owner Wed Feb  2 08:56:48 1994
> Subject: Simple questions
> From:	Jerzy Sobczyk <J.Sobczyk@ia.pw.edu.pl>
> To:	zmailer@cs.toronto.edu
> Date:	Wed, 2 Feb 1994 08:45:20 -0500
> I have asked archie but none of the found sites had version much newer than
> the one on the ftp.cs.toronto.edu. So I have taken the version from original
> site. In the README I have found following statement:
> 	"This release is freely usable, but since the documentation is not
> 	finalized a subsequent release is planned."
> This lests me to use the sotware! OK!
> But in some sources I have found another statement:
> 	"This will be free software, but only when it is finished."
> Uhh?  So is it free or not? I hope it is.
	I think it's quite safe to say it's free for you to use.

> 1. What is the availability of ZMailer? Is it free now?	
>    Can I use it as a gateway for our faculty?

	Well, Rayan would be the best person to answer this. The software is
made available freely for use. Therefore there should be no problems using it
in your faculuty/facility.

> 2. What is the status of the project:
> 	- abandoned
> 	- continued under another name (which one?)
> 	- continued as a commercial product

	This is something that Rayan does when he has time and considering
that he is usually pretty busy.....

> 3. Where I can find new releases (patches) if they exist?

	There is no new release at the moment. But it's my understanding that
it's being worked on.

> 4. Was this software ported to new versions of the operating systems?
>    (to Solaris 2.3 in particular? or may be to 386BSD?)
	I do have a Solaris 2.3 port, made available for anonymous ftp from
ftp.csri.toronto.edu:/pub/edwin/zmailer.tar.Z. Standard disclaimer applies.

Edwin Allum
CSRI, University of Toronto
email: edwin@csri.toronto.edu