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Simple questions


My name is Jerzy Sobczyk. I am a network manager at the Faculty of
Electronic Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.
I am new on this list so please forgive me asking simple questions.
I have waited over one week to catch up and not to ask them, but the group
is not flooding me with postings (in fact I have received only the
confirmation of the subscription). So I have to ask.

In the survey done by Chris Lewis posted in comp.mail.misc I have found
information about zmailer. But in the distribution point I have found only
the version from  Jul 9, 1992 which does not seem very fresh.
I have asked archie but none of the found sites had version much newer than
the one on the ftp.cs.toronto.edu. So I have taken the version from original
site. In the README I have found following statement:
	"This release is freely usable, but since the documentation is not
	finalized a subsequent release is planned."
This lests me to use the sotware! OK!
But in some sources I have found another statement:
	"This will be free software, but only when it is finished."
Uhh?  So is it free or not? I hope it is.

1. What is the availability of ZMailer? Is it free now?
   Can I use it as a gateway for our faculty?
2. What is the status of the project:
	- abandoned
	- continued under another name (which one?)
	- continued as a commercial product
3. Where I can find new releases (patches) if they exist?
4. Was this software ported to new versions of the operating systems?
   (to Solaris 2.3 in particular? or may be to 386BSD?)

Sorry if there is a FAQ for such questions, but I have not found any pointer to it.

Thanks for you response.
	Jerzy			Postmaster@ia.pw.edu.pl
| Jerzy Sobczyk            Institute of Automatic  Control  /##/ /#####|
| J.Sobczyk@ia.pw.edu.pl   Warsaw University of Technology /##/ /##/|##|
| tlx. 813 307 pw pl              Nowowiejska 15/19       /##/ /##/ |##|
| fax. (+48)(22) 25 37 19           00-665 Warsaw,       /##/ /####>|##|
| tel. (+48)(22) 621 00 70 ext. 7297    POLAND          /##/ /##/   |##|