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Re: Header Problems

> Greetings:
> In the below header, it can be seen that zmailer is changing the from 
> line to UUCP style format domain!user.  I have looked though the config file
> and can not find out where this rule is defined.  I need zmailer to leave
> the from line as user@domain.  Any hints are appreciated.

   It is in two places.  Partly in  crossbar.cf, but more so it is
HARDWIRED into  mailbox  program.

I think my dump of 2.2.1 has the   mailbox  fixed so it can do both styles
(also some fixes to libta).  Then in the  crossbar.cf there is (from around
line number 90):
	# Rewrite the envelope addresses appropriately

	case "$(channel $to)" in
		# Local destination on a system that delivers in UCB Mail
		# compatible mail spool files means that the From_ line
		# must be in all-! form, which is the same as the UUCP
		# transport requirement.

Move that "|local" to "smtp)" target a bit later on.

I doubt that comment to be valid.  Let UUCP have its way, but
most mail-clients that can handle incoming X.400-in-RFC -horrors
can also handle From_ with @ in it..  (X.400 addresses can contain
SPACES!)  And these days if the mail-client can't handle X.400
style addresses, ("/G=..../"@gateway), such clients are no longer
in use..

This change won't, however, rewrite RFC-headers, only the envelope
address.    If you want local mail to appear with FQDN address, you
need to make another change around line 50 where there is a decission
structure about RFC-822 rewritters.

Oh yes, that Zmailer source dump:

Hmm.. Maybe I should do a refresh?  One of these weeks..

> Cheers,
> Marco
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> >From mh-slip.CREN.NET!marco Tue Oct 12 11:42:37 1993
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	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>