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Header Problems


In the below header, it can be seen that zmailer is changing the from 
line to UUCP style format domain!user.  I have looked though the config file
and can not find out where this rule is defined.  I need zmailer to leave
the from line as user@domain.  Any hints are appreciated.



>From mh-slip.CREN.NET!marco Tue Oct 12 11:42:37 1993

Received: from mh-slip.cren.net ([]) by cren.org with SMTP id <71759>; Tue, 12 Oct 1993 11:42:26 -0400
Received: by mh-slip.cren.net (5.65c/1.41 CREN)
	id AA07828; Tue, 12 Oct 1993 11:38:23 -0400
From:	marco@mh-slip.CREN.NET (Marco Hernandez)
Message-Id: <199310121538.AA07828@mh-slip.cren.net>
To:	Marco Hernandez <marco@cren.org>
Subject: Re: test 
In-Reply-To: Your message of Tue, 12 Oct 93 11:41:37.
Date:	Tue, 12 Oct 1993 11:38:22 -0400
Status: RO