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just thought y'all might be interested in this thread...

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Subject: Re: Alternatives to Sendmail? 
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Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1993 17:09:52 -0800
From: Brent Chapman <brent@greatcircle.com>

Bennett Todd <bet@panix.com> writes:

# I've looked over the alternative Mail Transport Agents I could find;
# it looks like the full-featured choices are basically smail and
# Zmailer; and it looks like smail is too successful in trying to do
# everything sendmail does, and so is just as big, monolithic, and
# complex. So is Zmailer really the MTA of choice? Here are my goals:
# 	- I want robust, correct, efficient handling of email in a
# 	  strictly SMTP/RFC-822 world.
# 	- I want to leave the fatal-security-bug-of-the-week club.
# 	- I want enough configuration flexibility to be able to ask
# 	  the firewall machine to (e.g.) trap all messages with ``|''
# 	  in any header, and pull 'em aside for human inspection.
# Anybody have any strong feelings about Zmailer? Are there any other
# good bets I'm overlooking?

I know little about the relative merits of Zmailer versus Sendmail,
but I was told by the manager of one very large site that runs Zmailer
(who is on this list; perhaps he will come forth and elaborate) that
the version of Zmailer they were running (which I believe he said was
the current version) suffered from essentially the same security bug
as we've been discussing in Sendmail, despite the fact that they were
developed completely independently.

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