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Re: Core of the matter

> -rw-r--r--  1 daemon    5734400 Oct 21 07:01 core.router.4503
> Do you know what it is, or what should I do with it?

Your router process has dumped core.  In the current release, this is
usually because it has run into nested parentheses in the header.

Go look in postoffice/router and see if you see anything like:

To: someone@somewhere.com (Someone (Nested Parens))

If so, fire up your favourite text editor, remove the inner set of
parentheses, and restart your router with "zmailer router".

BTW, Rayan has told me that he has a fix which is going into the 
next release, which I've actually seen him do some work on not all
that long ago.

The core file can be rm-med or, if you feel uncharitable, uuencoded
and mailed to Rayan as a hint. :-)