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Re: Using free()d storage or: how not to submit mail

> >
> >  I am curious as to which source version this is based upon ?
> I'm porting mine to a Linux machine... I freely admit it's an older and
> somewhat-hacked-up version. ;-)
> >I think this was found a year ago, or maybe a bit more..
> >In every case my source is dated at least half a year back,
> >and there it is fixed.
> >
> Hmm. Time for a new release? I did a diff to the one on nic.funet.fi a 
> while back and apparently the bug was still there, though I could be wrong.

	I just ftp'd the latest Zmailer 2.2.1e from ftp.cs.utoronto.ca and 
	it has the bug that was mentioned at the beginning of this thread. 


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