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Strict SMTP (RFC-821) compliance or not ?


	After I implemented strict RFC-821 scanner at the  smtpserver,
my local Macintosh user has started to complain about unability to enter
addresses which are valid when used from inside the mailer system, like

	MAIL FROM:<mea>
which now gets result:
	501-          ^
	501 Path data: Missing "@" from mailbox definition

What is your opinnion ?  Should it be accepted ?

Another error trap is like follows (8-bit char coded in \octal..):

	MAIL FROM:<aaaaa\366uuuu@utu.fi>
	501-            ^
	501 Path data: Improper 8-bit character in string

Of this feasibility I am fairly certain :)

	/Matti Aarnio	<mea@utu.fi>