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Zmailer Port for Solaris2.2

I'm making my port of Zmailer2.2 for Solaris2.2 available for ftp.
Its not an official release! Rayan, still has gotten around to it.

Probably a bad choice, I've changed the version number to 2.2.1.
A number of configuration options have been added and is in hostenv/SunOS5.2.
I didn't change the configs for the other OS'es, so they may not work correctly
any more.

ftp: csri.toronto.edu:/pub/edwin/zmailer.tar.Z

It hasn't been stress tested but it should be at least as buggy as zmailer2.2.

Edwin Allum
CSRI, University of Toronto
Internet: edwin@{csri.toronto.edu, cs.toronto.edu}  Phone: 416-978-8715