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Configuration help needed

I am setting up zmailer on a machine here and have a couple of
requirements that I can't work out how to set up. I wonder if anyone
could help:

I need to modify zmailer so it:

1) Uses a stand alone program to authenticate whether a user exists
or not.
2) Depending upon the outcome of this either delivers the mail
        a) to a unix user on the system
        b) to a special delivery agent we have, passing the dest uid
	as a parameter
        c) bounce to sender

I get the impression that this would be very easy to do, but can't
quite grasp enough from the docs there to work out how to do it.

I also have problems in that if I mail to a site that is not directly
connected to the internet, the delivery program seems to hang forever
trying to contact it. I am using the default SMTP+UUCP config file. What
I really would like the mailer to do is a *quite* check to see if it can
smtp to the host, and if not then forward it to our 'intelligent' site
for forwarding. Is there a default configuration for this.

RTFM comments are welcome if you can point me to the relevant docs.



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