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Re: more from: rewrite lossage

On Thu, 3 Jun 1993, Bill Wisner wrote:
> Zmailer is doing some Bad Things with long addresses in the From: line --
> to wit, I'm seeing lines like:
> From:   User Name Here <very.very#long#address_with.weird.characters@host.
>         novell.com>
> The line is being split in the middle of the address, clearly for cosmetic
> reasons.  The problem is, when someone replies to that address in Berkmail,
> the lines get joined with a space in between -- as in

I have this problem all the time.  It is wrong, wrong, wrong.  I haven't
had the time to trace down where in zmailer it happens though.  For what
it's worth, it usually happens to me with long comments and short
addresses - something like: 

From: user who likes to use whole sentences for my comment <user@host.sub.jhu.

> I'll probably have to fix our local Berkmail (and possibly a slew of other
> user agents), but does it occur to anyone else that such rewriting is
> probably not a great idea?  Is it even legal, in strict RFC822?

Illegal - period.


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