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more from: rewrite lossage

Zmailer is doing some Bad Things with long addresses in the From: line --
to wit, I'm seeing lines like:

From:   User Name Here <very.very#long#address_with.weird.characters@host.

The line is being split in the middle of the address, clearly for cosmetic
reasons.  The problem is, when someone replies to that address in Berkmail,
the lines get joined with a space in between -- as in

very.very#long#address_with.weird.characters@host. novell.com

That address bounces quicker than you can say RFC822.

I'll probably have to fix our local Berkmail (and possibly a slew of other
user agents), but does it occur to anyone else that such rewriting is
probably not a great idea?  Is it even legal, in strict RFC822?

(That is, is zmailer non-compliant here, or is Berkmail?  The latter is
much more likely, but..)