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bug rewriting From: lines

If a message arrives with a From: line that contains a bare hostname
instead of a FQDN

	From: user@somewhere

zmailer rewrites it as

	From: user@somewhere.mydomain.edu

where mydomain.edu is the domain of the receiving host.  It does this only if
there exists a real 'somewhere.mydomain.edu' host, otherwise it is left

Is this actually a bug?  I suppose that one could argue that the address was
wrong to begin with, so making it more wrong is no sin, but I would rather just
have it left alone.  Anybody have a fix?

 -Guy Middleton, University of Waterloo		gamiddleton@math.waterloo.edu
		(+1 519 885 1211 x3472)		gamiddleton@math.uwaterloo.ca