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Problems with :include: resolved... but aliases aren't trusted.

  I was originally having problems with my aliases file not working.
When subscribing I asked about this and was told to quote the
:include: part. Okay.. works...
  But! I currently gateway a couple of mailing lists between a
newsgroup and a mailing list using mail2news and news2mail (relying on
the news history file to keep messages from going in loops). Most
importantly, the very important ocunix.general group is gated to
people that don't read news.
  The aliases go something like this:

  ocunix-general: news-ocunix-general
  news-ocunix-general: "|/usr/lib/newsbin/input/mail2news -F -o '.sandelman .software .works news gateway' -n ocunix.general -d ott "
  ocunix-list: ":include:/etc/uucp/paths/ocunix-general"
  owner-ocunix-general: postmaster

  The mail goes through relaynews, which distributes the messages to a
`gateway' site, that feeds back through news2mail and hits the
ocunix-list alias.
  The problem is that the mailbox transport isn't interested in
delivering to the program.
  I note line 420 of transports/mailbox/mailbox.c:

	case TO_PIPE:	/* pipe to program */
		/* one should disallow this if uid == nobody? */
		if (uid == nobody) {
				       "mail to program disallowed", 0);

  I can see the logic of this, but the pipe came from an alias
controlled by the administrator. Perhaps, aliases taken from the
aliases should be given the trust of the uid that owns the alias file.
  Actually, _I_ (mcr) own the alias file to make my maintenance life
easier. (If you can become me, you can become root without a password
on my system, so this matters little)

  I have #ifdef this test out for the moment, and I am presently

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