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Re: What does "452 Can't Parse Sender Address" mean?

On Thu, 22 Apr 1993, Pok Ng wrote:
> smtp/[]:
> 	 2100:   452 Can't Parse Sender Address
>           id    <dig-Aviation-6.8@mc.lcs.mit.edu>
>           from  <@mc.lcs.mit.edu:aviation-request>
>           to    syeon@ASIMOV.CALUMET.YORKU.CA
> and zmailer won't deliver the message. Any idea what "452 Can't Parse Sender
> Address" means?

That error is coming from the remote site via the SMTP conversation and
they are probably running sendmail.  As I recall, sendmail gives that
error when it cannot resolve the envelope sender address to a "mailer".


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