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if [ $(recipient) ] solved!

I finally figured out what was happening with my statement.
I was testing any output of recipient, when I should have
been testing recipient's return code! The proper way to do
this is:

   if [ $? = 1 ]; then
      ... stuff ...

Or maybe the test goes the other way, haven't gotten that far

The recipient function (in router/functions.c) tests some flags
that I could not find where they were set, but they are evidently
set based on the parsing of headers and the headers db. The
Sender/Recipient/- field.

More questions if I may:

1. Has anyone done anything to increase router's response time
to a new message appearing in its queue? I'm getting gripes from
people who are used to sendmail's almost immediate throughput
compared to zmailer, which can delay a message as much as 30
seconds on the round trip just waiting in the router queue on
an empty system.

2. Is there a way to turn off the error commentary in headers?
We are fed by a bunch of machines that have funny Message-Id
fields and people are griping about the error commentary that

3. I am getting messages shunted off to postman because they
look like breakins. SOmeone kindly helped me to turn this
shunting off, but how do I avoid such things altogether? I
think I am introducing it in internet where I am hiding names
within our domain.