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Re: Too many smtpservers...

> Hi,
> I think this has come up some time ago, but I can't recall it.
> I'm experiencing the following problem: we are connected for
> the time being via a very low bandwidth channel to the internet.
> Be that not bad enough, it likes to go down from time to time,
> more often than I would like :-(
> So what ?
> Well, when it comes back online, PILES of mailers try opening
> smtp connections, well above the number the channel can sustain.
> Leave alone the local mailer that also has piles of mail, but
> I know how to deal with that part.
> So... has anybody dealt with this problem, I mean, has anybody
> make a mod to smtpserver to refuse connections when there are 
> more than n already active ?
> If not, I'll go ahead and do it. Smth like responding
> "421 Too many SMTP sessions, try again later" sounds good ?

  No, not yet such a mod  (it isn't that hard to make one
either, but other time about that)

  Alternative for you is to have nice co-operating site
defined which has MXes for you, and which resides on the Internet-
side of that link.  Preferrably that secondary/tertiary MX:er should
run Zmailer, and have sensible queue definitions. (2 to 4 streams
to your country/site..)

  Yet a third way is to introduce Bulk-MXing, -- no, propably not,
that is for another type of problem.  There may be a paper at next
IETF about that, I can't be there though..

> Any insights are welcome!
> -tron
> Carlos G Mendioroz  <tron@secyt.gov.ar> aka <postmaster@secyt.gov.ar>

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@utu.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>