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Too many smtpservers...

I think this has come up some time ago, but I can't recall it.
I'm experiencing the following problem: we are connected for
the time being via a very low bandwidth channel to the internet.
Be that not bad enough, it likes to go down from time to time,
more often than I would like :-(
So what ?
Well, when it comes back online, PILES of mailers try opening
smtp connections, well above the number the channel can sustain.
Leave alone the local mailer that also has piles of mail, but
I know how to deal with that part.

So... has anybody dealt with this problem, I mean, has anybody
make a mod to smtpserver to refuse connections when there are 
more than n already active ?
If not, I'll go ahead and do it. Smth like responding
"421 Too many SMTP sessions, try again later" sounds good ?

Any insights are welcome!
Carlos G Mendioroz  <tron@secyt.gov.ar> aka <postmaster@secyt.gov.ar>