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Re: New user's questions re: local mail delivery

A hearty amen to your suggestion about illegal header warnings!
One of the things that I have to deal with is a product called
Qoffice, which generates braindamaged From's. It takes the
*entire* gcos (user name) field from the /etc/passwd file, including
commas, if any, and puts it out without quotes, like:

   From: Wayne D. Folta, SysAdmin <wdfolta@foobar>

Which causes our Microsoft Mail SMTP gateway (blecherous software
to begin with) to blow the message back because it thinks
there are multiple froms.

The standard Sun Mail at least truncates at the comma, so you
only get:

   From: Wayne D. Folta <wdfolta@foobar>

(Maybe it includes quotes, I cannot remember.)

If we could pester the offending origination SysAdmins until
they fix their problem... (Except if they use procmail for
local delivery, as I do, and they could automatically trash
such complaints without even seeing them.)