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Re: New user's questions re: local mail delivery

    3. I'd like to bounce a warning message while still forwarding the
    original (a cross between file and error). Has this been done?

I don't know if it has been, but I want to do this too.  Something like
this sent back to the originator and the postmaster at the originator's
host would warm the cockles of my heart:

	Subject: Illegal period in RFC822 phrase

	Dear User and Postmaster,

		Your mail (headers included below) did not conform to
	RFC822 when it arrived here.  It used a "." character in an
	RFC822 <phrase> without quoting it.  This is illegal.  There
	are probably at least two broken pieces of software on your system:
	the user agent, which should never have generated such a header
	and should never have passed such a header to the delivery
	agent, and the delivery agent, which should never have allowed
	such a header out of your system.

		Your mail has been delivered to the intended recipients.
	Every piece of mail you send to this system which has this
	problem will generate a copy of this complaint.

		Have a nice day.

Just a bit of _gentle encouragement_.