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Re: Clinet zmailer systems

> My response has nothing to do with your question.  When elm 2.4.17 saw
> your message, it seemed to think it needed to call metamail, that your
> message required special MIME support.  The reason seems to be the
> following header:
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
> Are you sure there are supposed to be quotes around the us-ascii?  All
> other messages I've seen do not use quotes.  When I removed them, elm
> correctly realized that your message did not require special MIME
> support.
> Anyway, it's probably perfectly legal, but maybe it's unnecessary?

I've never looked into MIME other than to use it to send multi-part
messages so I don't know anything about the legaility of the quotes.
I do know that my message did not go out with MIME headers.  The copy
I received back does have MIME headers so I can only assume that
zmailer at cs.toronto.edu added them.