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ZMailer on AIX3.2 and HPUX9.0

Hi folks,

I have just downloaded ZMailer2.2 from UUNET and would like some
advice.  Even though our network is small (<10 hosts), ZMailer
looked like it would be an interesting excercise in system
administration.  We have not had a lot of luck with sendmail (and
I *hate* messing with the sendmail.cf files!).  So anyway, we
would like to try ZMailer here.

Our site consists of some rs6000's running AIX3.2 and some
HP9000S800's running HPUX9.0.  I have not found configuration
files for these machines in the distribution, so I put this to
you:  has anybody successfully loaded ZMailer on either of these?
Any comments or suggestions for me on the pros and cons of using
ZMailer here are appreciated.

BTW, will you add me to the mailing list?  Thanks.


Andy Edwards   *   Unix Integration Services   *  Urbandale, Iowa
EMAIL: andy@uis.com                         PHONE: (515) 254-3074